System Electric has been successfully designing, modeling, coordinating, prefabricating and constructing in the 3-Dimensional world for more than 15 years.  After successfully implementing Level 3 BIM on the highly complex Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs California long before most software & 3D tools were even publicly available we were being asked and required to come up with our own.

We have continued to benefit from early opportunities to serve the clients in this arena.  Because of these new demands we have become early adopters of all new technologies driving innovation while developing the people and methods needed for successful BIM implementation.

Our background in problem solving conflicts, collisions, and aiding all trades in resolving issues has resulted in savings for of all trades and partners throughout the process.  This mindset of collaborative team effort leads to unexpected innovations and a model that, when implemented in the field, will improve productivity and constructability while reducing costs, and smooth out many of the wrinkles found in today’s building construction.

Like Building Information Modeling, here’s a list of services that we provide: