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Working on LEED Certified projects through LEED Platinum Certified, System Electric Co. has had the fortunate opportunity to participate in many projects that are on the cutting edge of the sustainable building movement. In today’s world, it is ever more important to care for our environment and embrace the renewable energy movement and building sustainability that the LEED Program was implemented to elevate. As a result, sound environmental stewardship has moved to the forefront of construction activities moving into the 21st Century. Having a program that can be used to increase marketability, improve occupant’s health and well-being, and reduce long term building operating costs is a win for the owner, the occupant, and the environment and the contractor.

Regretfully construction waste continues to be one of the greatest sources of environmental pollution and by providing the means and methods to evaluate and quantify the best materials to install while initiating ideas to reuse, reclaim and recycle materials is at the forefront of all our thinking not only when participating in a LEED program but as a byproduct of our Continued Improvement Plan. Because of this System Electric Co. has committed to always have on staff a certified LEED AP BD+C to ensure we can meet the challenges of today.

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