From the beginning of a project idea that is scratched out on a napkin over a lunch meeting until breaking ground on day one, System Electric Co. can provide Conceptual Estimating to enable our customers to build and allocate the resources needed to shape a functional, valuable, beautiful building tailored to their specific needs.

Assigning costs is critical in every stage of the preconstruction planning process up through executing the constructing of a building. Many times we encounter unfavorable conditions like budget issues, zoning requirements or an unexpected turn in the economy which might preclude a building from being constructed. However, understanding these planning processes and the key differences between the various types of estimating strategies (including conceptual estimates, budgets, and design-build) we can help you determine where the proposed building is in its planning cycle and help you make a more informed decisions about constructability and timing of the project.

With well over 100 years of combined estimating experience our team of experts can provide specific cost estimates on all areas of electrical construction from the original idea through the grand opening of a new facility.

Like Conceptual Estimating / Budgeting, here’s a list of services that we provide: